Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Livin' Is Easy...

I feel like I have been gone so much the past few weeks! Summer is flying by! These are Memorial Day pictures. I would have never thought myself to be one of those bloggers who takes weeks off at a time {smile}. Aren't these muffins a cute bunch. And I will say on record, nuthin's cuter than a little lady tot in her "swimmy" or her " 'kini". Love it!

So, it's pretty boring to say, but during the week, we are either home, at the splash park, or at the pool. We are now pool rats. Mug had swim lessons this week and I will say, this year has been worlds better than the last two. He is still oddly afraid of the "deep" water. However, at the Y pool, he is a little fish. Oh well, we only have one more day and I am so proud of him!! We are also reading the story of Peter Pan. He is very into it. I have already decided he will be Peter Pan for Halloween and guess what REW will be...hint...not Smee. We also read his children's Bible front to back at least 3 times. His favorite Bible story is David and Goliath. One night, we were reading about a bad decision David made and Mug said, "I try to always make a good choice, but sometimes you want me to do too many things I just don't wanna do." Welcome to the world kid! I am also loving his big brother attitude. He is just so sweet to REW. {almost} Always including her and tells her he loves her CONSTANTLY. And me too. I think he tells me, "Mama, I just wanted to tell you one thing, I love you." Wow. Let's record this in the books!
REWsky is at "that age". Almost 19 months. Favorite word: "No!" With extra emphasis on the exclamation point. She does not want to share, especially her food. It has to be all hers or a rolling around fit takes place. Seriously, I forgot what tantrums are like. This time around I can laugh it off whereas with Mug I would sweat and croak of embarrassment. Hee. She is also finally talking in sentences! Though you need a mom-slator to decipher some words, she is really coming into her language skills!
"Mama ca-well {cuddle} me"
"No no kankie {frankie}."
"Dis bwa-kie {brocolli}."
" I wa kack {I want a snack}.
And get this one..."I poo poo". The other day, she went to the training potty and pooped in it! She is ready to potty train. I am not waiting like I did with Mug because I wasn't ready--that ended up biting my booty! I am going to find 3 days in the next week and see how it goes. She takes her diaper off CONSTANTLY and tells me she poops or pees. This gal is a whole nutha thang.

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