Saturday, December 12, 2009

Days to Cherish

A couple times here recently, we had the privilege of watching CDP. These days, there is only an adult eye needed to ensure safety. They make up their own games, tell stories, talk, boss eachother, fight, mow, create their own language and so on. They don't need me meddling in their business, telling them what to play. They can think of plenty on their own. After a brief snow {see pics below} I made them some hot chocolate to warm up. As they were drinking it, I heard CDP say, "let's have a cheers". Tickled to pieces, I asked what they were toasting to and Mug said, "Snow and hot chocolate." And the ceremony continued...
And of course they wanted to "snow mow".

And take EVERY toy that has ever been under my roof out of it's place. But c'mon...who cares. Look how cute. Literally how I found them.
And an {attempted} slumber party teeth brushing session.
...2 messes that I love.

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Kimberly said...

How did I miss this??? Oh, it made me get tears. What special moments. And sorry Creighter didn't make it all night! We are not surprised, he has no choice but to be like his mom and dad! One day!