Thursday, November 12, 2009

30 is Lookin' Good

My man is 3-0! For his birthday, I arranged time at a local gym for him to play bball with some of his closest friends!!! It was so much fun! I am in awe of how these guys play so hard. And I have to say, that Brent has the best friends in the whole wide world!!! I was sad that several could not be there, but very much appreciated the ones who could leave their families {thanks wives--ps. I have LOTS of your shirtless husbands on film--call if you want any! ha!} for a few hours to celebrate Brent and his absolute favorite past time: basketball.
Here is the little one who simply HAD to come along to see all the guys play. He was totally enamored.

Benjie is ready to play hard!

I was schooled on the rules of pick up games. Here are the guys waiting to go into the next game. I was fascinated at the whole approach. Men are so different from women.
Odell came out of retirement to play!

And for their old age...they are still as aggressive as ever!

Sorry--they also play shirts and skins, so I had to take topless photos! and women...different. Can you IMAGINE if we had to play something in our bikinis! GASP!!!! My hottie birthday boy!

After they played 2 full hours of full out games, we had some pizza, gatorade and Brent's favorite, Sopapilla Cheesecake! The guys lingered around for another hour chit chatting {er, wait...I think guys say, "shootin' the breeze"?} until the gym had to kick us all out. I will say, it was so fun and interesting to be around all guys {and Laura and Kai'Iah, my seesters} and watch them enjoy themselves. Super fun and thanks to everyone who came!!!!!
The whole gang minus Seth, Josh J. and Odell. Again, I love this group of friends {and missed some of you--Garrison, Mamadou, Ryan to name a few}!
And without further delay:
1. Hot
2. Funny. Laugh out loud funny. Self-deprecating funny {I mean really, what is funnier than that?}
3. Does dishes daily.
4. Loves me despite the whirlwind of a house he comes home to.
5. Does not like dinner to be on the table at 5:30 p.m. and prefers to eat sandwiches. I am not joking. Is that a knock on my cooking?
6. GREAT lips.
7. Strong jaw-line.
8. Soft and thick hair.
9. Most positive person I know. Always sees the upside.
10. Honest. Not just with words, but in deed.
11. Super humble. Sometimes it is annoying because you can't find out anything about him! I always remind him it is ok to disclose certain pieces of information about oneself.
12. Hates "mingling" and "surface talk".
13. Never complains when sick. Goes to work sick. Helps me because I shut down shop when anyone around me is sick.
14. Loves to drink 100 cups of coffee a day.
15. And still falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow.
16. Values date night more than me.
17. Has a strange love for Baylor basketball that I cannot fully comprehend {but mostly}!
18. Loves college basketball in general.
19. Is not ashamed to spoil me rotten.
20. THE BEST DAD in the world. Does it ALL. Has never ever once called me when I am getting "me" time to ask me a question about what to do or asked me to come home.
21. With that being said, that leads to many very funny kid and dad stories.
22. Takes his daughter on dates and loves it.
23. Treats his son like he is the most precious friend on earth.
24. Supports me no matter what my endeavor.
25. His visionary leadership is second to none in my opinion.
26. Spontaneity. Most spontaneous person on earth. The older he gets, the more spontaneous he becomes. The less I become--hey, can I have my portion back??!?
27. Is always ready and looking for something new to do.
28. Constantly injuring himself which leads to scars. And scars are sexy.
29. Prays for me daily.
30. Is the coolest person ever. Period.
It only took me like 2 minutes to write these down and I could keep going!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRENT!!!!!!!


kinsey said...

SWEET!! happy birthday brent! if we ever move to waco (scott still dreams of finding a job there soon) then my husband would be ALL for basketball!! he's good too ;-)

Sally said...

ahhhh! how fun that looked, Josh just glanced at it too and said he's glad he wasn't shirtless in any of yo' pics, ha ha ha!!! :) you are such an awesome wife getting that all together for him, what a great way to celebrate the big 3-0!!!i know the guys literally, had a "ball!"
loved your sweet list too, what a great man you are blessed with!!

Callie said...

What a fun birthday party! I for one am very glad that we don't have to play sports in bikinis! Yikes!

walkers said...

precious, what an encouraging wife! brent rocks!