Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Very Merry Un-Birthday/Valentine's Celebration To You!

In case you did not know, my Mug's Birthday is on Valentine's Day, er, shall I say, Valentine's in on his Birthday?! We usually celebrate every kid's birthday in playgroup and since it was almost Valentine's and almost Mug's birthday, we combined both! Kimberly was the host, and OF COURSE she out did herself as always-I know it was mostly because how much she loves Mug. There was love in the air everywhere. Literally! There was cupcake decorating, Valentine bags to drop treats in, also we munched on breakfast burritos and other sinful sinful treats. Shame on you, Kimbo. We all ended up staying way way way to long as we always do. Turns out the hostess was up almost all night and needed a nap! Sorry sista, hope you squeezed a short one in! Such a blast--we were blessed by everyone there! Here Brodie and Ella enjoy some gourmet food. Please note that Brodie has his cupcake ON his burrito. The kid can eat and it does not matter what!
Sweet Parker
She hung "love" verses on the chandelier and we all got to take one home! Isn't that great?


Townlin is getting serious about her creation.
Patriot is all decked out as usual!
Mug blowing out his "2" cupcake

...This is not the same cupcake, it is another one.


Birthday Boy's loot.

Of course, the Wilson boys are eating sugar. Please note Mug is enjoying a cookie at this point.

And the dreaded "let's get a picture" moment. Tristan looked at me and said, "I mole like picters." Translation: "I don't like pictures." He was promised another cookie if he complied. Hey, it's his un-birthday, people.

Question: Why do they all try to jump ship the minute we get our cameras out? Where do they think they are going? Does the flash hurt their eyes? Look at them, they are literally jumping off of the couch, ya'll.

And my sweet miss. What some call cruel and unusual treatment...I call cute.
The birthday boy is going home. Totally sugared out. Hmmm. 2 cupcakes, 3 cookies and about 3 cup fulls of apple juice. Go Mommy.

To top off the celebration, who would not want to do this? Eat lunch on/in the kitchen sink.

Though you may think I am a total nut-job, I do have a purpose for his placement. If you look closely out the window, you will see the yard people are there. Mug's all time favorite thing is any type of yard apparatus. Mower, blower, weeder. You name it. He loves it. He wanted to watch them, but I needed him to eat, so...voila. There you have it. Happy as a lark and easy to clean.

yawn. All topped off with a story and a roll into his bed at a decent time. I think I might fancy a nap myself!


Melissa said...

How FUN!!! And what great v-day celebration ideas...I might have to steal a few of those. :) Happy un-birthday Birthday, Tristan!! And hey, if you can't overload on sugar on your unbirthday or Valentine's, when can you? :)

Callie said...

Happy Happy Birthday Tristan!

The Johnstons said...

What a fabulous un-birthday! It was so much fun!! Can't wait for the real birthday celebration!

kinsey said...

what a fun day!!! happy early birthday tristan!! you are such a cutie :-)

angie said...

that kimberly knows how to party! I hopw he has a wonderful birthday tomorrow!!!

Sally said...

wow!! your playgroup valentine party looked so fun! i loved the attempt at a group shot - so typical!
Happy Birthday to Tristan! what a special day to have a birthday!

Kimberly said...

I sure do love little Mug and a party wouldn't be a party without a few extras for him! Thanks for sharing him with me over the past two years. He's something special!

See you tomorrow to celebrate Western style!

lauren said...

What a cute party! Happy Birthday to your little man. He's looking so big and lately looks exactly like you to me.