Sunday, February 15, 2009

This Buckaroo Is 2!

"He's got a smile and seems to me, reminds me of childhood memories..."
Yesterday was the big day! The day my first born turned 2. We pulled out all the stops for this one. I anxiously looked at the forecast all week. Anyone who lives in Texas and has a winter baby knows that you never know what you will get for a birthday. The day before his birthday it was a balmy 80 degrees. On the actual day, it was about 45 degrees. However, as long as there was not rain, we would be celebrating his western birthday with ponies outside! With all of their boots, and western garb (with coats on top), 20+kiddos and their parents came to party!!!
There were so so so many pictures taken by everybody and I regret that I do not have a picture of everyone's kid, so if you have any extras on your camera, send them my way and I would love to post them!! Here goes.... Now, I love me a good kid's party. I love to decorate and plan for them. It just makes me giddy to try to let the kids have a wonderful time!
Here is the set-up. I just realized I do not have pictures of the entire grub. I ordered Chick-Fil-A nuggets, chicken-biscuits and fruit for all of the darlings to enjoy.

I have to say, Reese's outfit was priority #1 when it came to getting us all in our gear.

I'm not sure why I bothered decorating on the inside because as soon as the ponies arrived, it was a fun-filled world of chaos outside in the cold!! Here, Tristan is getting on his pony with his Gigi for the first time! He was so so so delighted!

He kept yelling at the pony, "Hi, That One!"

Miss Clara was not sure what to think...

Colton and Noah had a double ride...

I think Sawyer won the award for cutest cowboy! Look at that cutie pie!

Here is my favorite picture in the whole bunch. Love these two.

Ok, Brodie is a future heartbreaker. Look at this kid!

Aunt Biss and Uncle Brad give little Colton a ride! He loved it!!

Here's my Creighter taking a ride with Pop-Pop. Creighter was in love with the ponies and rode every single one of them!!

Bug rode all of the ponies at least twice!! I think her future may be bright in rodeo!
Who's this hot cowgirl? (wink, wink) It's me, guys!

Mug is getting some Bubba and Guckie love
The whole Fretty clan

The Tetens clan

more of my CDP...
Precious Lib and Townlin!
Mug on his 6th cookie before we cut the cake! We had to move the whole party/cake outside because the kids would not budge!

Of course, he is eating icing.

Even Frankie got in on the action...
Reese slept thru the entire party and some.

The Wilson Clan

After the ponies and most of the guests left, we had an intimate present opening. Mug got some neat presents and I am thankful that he got a lot of books!! MY favorite gift is Kimberly's gift to him--2 picture books documenting he and Creighton's friendship! How priceless is that?! What does it tell you that there are enough pictures of the 2 of them that they fill up 2 books and they are only 2!!

oopsy, Frankie was left unattended and ate the little's cake!

This picture is Pop Pop holding up a picture of Mug around Reese's you see a resemblance?
After a long morning, Mug winds down with Daddy on his new CARS sleeping bag. After nap, we went to the game with the Allens, and went to dinner at Rudy's with the Allen's, Polnicks, and other Wilsons. I cannot tell you how much fun my Mug had!!
Oh, my sweet baby boy. As the song goes, " and then, when I see your face, it takes me away to that special place and if I stare too long, I'll probably break down and cry..." Yesterday was filled with so much fun, but truth be told, I was so emotional. It's shocking to me how the time goes. One day, they are babies totally reliant upon you and then one day they are pulling away, becoming more independent. Seeing Mug's little personality is such a blessing. My favorite part of yesterday was watching him with all of this little friends. They are just so darn cute! My MIL said it best the other day, "His smile just sparkles from head to toe." If he throws a fit, it is full-on. If he wants to be a cuddle-bug, it is full on. I can't imagine what lies ahead for me! My Valentine's Days will forever be changed. Always reflecting on the day my little Tristan was born. That is all the love I need. Oh, sweet child of mine. Happy, Happy Birthday.


kinsey said...

tears! happy birthday tristan!

ps. saw you, reese and brent on the Kiss Cam at the game...SO CUTE!!!

angie said...

Looks like a awesome party. Well done Nic:) It was good to see you yesterday...I guess the Wood family brings good luck for the Bears!

The Johnstons said...

Such a sweet post and a fun party! We enjoyed every minute of it...even though Parker wasn't having anything to do with the ponies. You look like Miss Rodeo Queen waving to the crowd in that one picture! ;) And I didn't realize how much Reese looks like Tristan until I saw that picture of him at her age!

Kimberly said...

First of all, it was a great, great, great party! The decor, the food (not that I got any!), the ponies, the love for little Mug! We had a wonderful time & obviously we didn't want to leave! I have about 600 pictures to sort through and send your way. My blog post will be coming one day soon.

There really is nothing more special than spending time watching our littles grow into bigs and loving each moment of them transforming before our eyes. We are truly blessed that we get to spend this journey with your family and of course, all of the little boys and girls that are known as friends to our boys.

And I'm cracking up that my gift was your favorite for Tristan- seeing that you haven't even gotten them from Shutterfly yet and they weren't really for Tristan- they are for me and you! Although, I do think the boys will love flipping through the pages and seeing themselves page after page after 100th page. In all the hours of working on them, I've treasured looking back over the last two years of "Mug and Me:The Making of Our Friendship." Because no matter how long it lasts for them, what they have now has been so special for me.

As much as it freaks me out, maybe little Reese's pieces will have a new bestie to live life with come August. Reese Elaine and Grace Anne. I think I can see it! I don't know, it makes me quite nervous. We'll know in a while.

Happy Birthday little Mug, we love you dearly!

Sally said...

it was such a fun party - thank you Nicki!
and we saw ya'll on the kiss cam too last night...bow chicka bow bow!
what a fun filled weekend ya'll had! thanks for letting us be a part of it!

Ryan said...

After watching you ride yesterday I signed you up for barrell racing at next year's HOT Fair.

Happy Birthday Tristan! Great to see you all.

lauren said...

What a cute party! We hated to miss it! You did such a good job on everything!

Lauren Madison said...

I love these pictures, Nicki! It looks like the party went so well..I'm so glad y'all had so much fun! I can't believe Tristan is two..that sweet boy is so wonderful. love!

Swartz's Scribbles said...

so cute!! i love the pic of Frankie riding the pony and eating the cake. :) Happy 2nd Birthday to your little mister.

Tiffany said...

Too Cute!! I am definitely taking notes on how to throw a party for a little boy. We also saw you guys on the kiss cam! So fun!!

walkers said...

what a precious sentiment and what an awesome party you threw. your kids are blessed!

Jaime said...

ADORABLE Nicki! You are quite the party planner. Those decorations are really well done...I need help in that area. So impressed and happy birthday, Tristan!

Rose said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy! I wish we could have been there. Nic, you look FABULOUS! Have you been practicing those 7 pillars of health??????

Jill said...

That was very cute! Where did you find those little white tables and chairs??!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nicki, that party was so cute!! It looks like you had to skip a big Baylor basketball game to get ready for all of this....=)

We saw Brent at the BU/OU game and he said you had to miss the game that night to get ready for the party. He told me to pick with you about it. =)

Your kids are beautiful and I love keeping up with ya'll through your blog.

Take care--Julia

Shannon said...

So precious! What a great party! Happy Birthday to Tristan!

(I might be e-mailing soon to get some pointers on losing this baby weight! Reagan started crying yesterday asking me when my tummy would be back to normal....oh the joys of having a 4-year-old girl! I thought about severe punishment or a lifetime of her being grounded. It's not even been two weeks sister! Give me a break!)

Mollie said...

So adorable!!!!! What an awesome bday party!!!!!

laura said...

Happy Birthday, Tristan! What a fun party!