Wednesday, December 31, 2008

In the Spirit of the New Year

I, like probably most of you, hate new year's resolutions. They do not normally stick. They are far too vague most of the time. Eat better. Lose weight. Make friends. Read my Bible. Blah. Blah. And so on. However, I do have a couple of them this year and they have specific guidelines. I saw an "expert" on the Today show and she talked about setting goals with you resolutions to make them stick. A concept I already know as a social worker, BUT it is always harder to practice what you preach. In no particular order, here are my two:
1. Be a better wife. I think I am ok in this department, but I have some things I would like to work on. Really, it is nothing I do, rather what I don't that needs some repair. I plan go on more dates with Brent. I simply cannot believe how infrequently we go on a date. I would always preach to people before I had kids--"You need to date your husband, you need to date your husband!" Well, look who needs to take her own words to heart. The funny thing is that it is just sheer laziness. I have so much fun with Brent at home with the kids...NOT A DATE! I love to turn on our DVR'd shows and watch with him... NOT A DATE. Love the family to go out to eat...NOT A DATE. So many things we do are fun, but it all revolves around talking to or about Tristan and Reese. I also want to be more creative on dates. I know he would love for all of our dates to be the movies, but this blabber mouth can't do her thing at the movies. So, date nights and creativity are how I plan to better my 2009 wife-self.
2. Big surprise. LOSE THIS NEW SET OF HIPS. God bless my new voluminous body. I know it is beautiful in some parts of the world. Thank you Reese for coming safely, happy to accomodate. However, now the show is over and I want to wear my 'Citizens' again. Though I must say, I look FAR more normal than I did after Mug, I only have 3 pair of pants to wear and it is really driving me insane. So, as my 6-week check-up falls on, hello, January 2-- I think it is a perfect time to do the right things. I go back to teaching on Saturday the 3rd, teaching kickboxing Wed. and Sat. Start getting up early on the other days so to come home and shower and be done. I am going to banish all the pointless sugar eating. Anyone else crave cookies and cake while breastfeeding? Induldge myself in a small, small piece of dessert and not mindlessly snack on all the goodies from Christmas. No excuses. No more muffin tops. Not allowed.

What are some of your resolutions???


Paige said...

I saw your cute fam from afar at the basketball game the other night! Was that Reese's first one? You're starting her off right! :) Have a Happy New Year!

robs said...

actually having to think about this..I don't normally make NYResolutions..1.Write more creative stuff for fun 2.Ride my new bike when the weather is good with or without hubby! 3.Do a 5K. I'll put these on my blog. Thanks, Nicki!

amy said...

I too must banish the excessive sweets. I never really had a sweet tooth until I got pregnant. Now I could eat candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So strange.

Page said...

I understand! I, too, was doing great eating healthy and working out until I found out I was preg. But, I did just order some prenatal workout videos and since the holidays are officially over, I can go back to eating much more healthy (no more chocolate!!). Do you have to wait six weeks before exercising after birth?? I'm going to go crazy in that time, I think!!

lauren said...

If it makes you feel any better, I have 2 pair of pants that fit...the rest are the sweatpants that I wear every day. I mistakingly tried on my jeans and couldn't pull them up all the way! :) It took me a few months last time, too, so I should have known better.

My Resolutions are to read a book a month, make 2 healthy meals and 4 different veggies a week (so we have 4 meals with leftovers) and get my child to like them!!, and try to walk 3 times a week. I need to do some weightlifting too, but I'm just going to start with the walking.

And yes, I have thought before, along with my brother, that he looks somewhat like Michael. Especially when his eyes are open all the way. He's got big eyes like him, and his hands and feet are long and narrow, like his. Michael was almost 10 lbs when he was born, though, so it's so hard to tell!

walkers said...

You are so precious,inspiring and honest. Oh I love New Year's resolution time! I like to do an assessment in every area of life- spiritual, emotional, physical, relational, ministry, marriage, parenting and time. More than setting all of these unachievable goals, I assess where I am at and decide if I am happy/fulfilled/and doing what God has asked. My overarching goal this year is to close the gap between me and the Lord-less facades, religion and walls and more of seeing Him for who He really is and allowing myself to be loved.