Monday, November 21, 2005

You wish you were me right now

So tired. I can barely hold my eyes open. I woke up at 5:00a.m. so I could get to my kickboxing class by 5:30. I teach 4 classes a week now. I love Mondays though because when I get home from work, I just completely tune out...
Dazed and confused. I am having a hard time holding a thought. Tonight Brent has a basketball game in Wortham so I whipped up a yummy pasta dinner from scratch all for myself, so fresh and yummy. I think I ate 4 servings. It really helps with the PMS. Now I am all carbed up and in my PJ's at 7:15. I must be relaxed because my mother-in-law just called me and said I was grunting. That was a new one. I think I am going to watch Wife Swap and eat some icecream. Or maybe hot chocolate and peppermints. Or maybe eat frosting straight from the can. Oh yes, I love these nights. I savour them. I am going to arrange all of my Turbokick CD's in numerical order and put them in a CD case. I might even practice with one. Who knows. Then, I will put a face mask on and leave it entirely too long so my face will dry out and I will almost forget to take it off before bed. You don't know how crazy I am. I am so flippin' wild.

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