Saturday, April 16, 2005

Hotel Rwanda and Friday Night Missions

On Friday night, Brent and I have been waiting to rent Hotel Rwanda. It came out this week so we stayed home, made a nice dinner and watched a masterpiece. I STRONGLY recommend everyone see this movie. It made me sick to think I was alive and going about my business while half a million people were victims of genocide--I never gave half a thought to it. Anyway, it is a beautiful movie. God is pulling Brent and me with all His might to Africa. In the past few months, He has provided me with an opportunity to go to Uganda (which He laid on my heart years ago) this summer. I also feel called to Botswana, so we will see how that plays out in the future. He has also provided Brent an opportunity to go to Morocco for missions next month-I cannot disclose any more info on that trip, but it is going to be HUGE!!! We will be separate, but we have no doubt that He wants to use our talents in these places. We have made friends with one of the new BU players, who is from Senegal, Africa...what a treasure he is!! Brent adores him and we are so thankful he has the chance to play at Baylor with such a wonderful coaching staff. Anyway, all this to say THE LORD WANTS US IN AFRICA!! After the movie, we sat down and wrote our support letter. What a blessing to do this with my husband! I tell ya, if you'd have asked me 2 years ago what we would be doing in the summer of 2005, I would have never even considered this! I am constantly amazed at doors that open up to you--if you open your hearts to Him--He will call on you!!