Friday, September 24, 2010

Nights Like This One Make Me Happy.

About a month ago {see how behind I am!} B and I watched the nieces and nephews while B&K went out. We planned a fun night in, we LOVE to have all of them together. It gives me the satisfaction of loving on multiple children without actually having more children! We made steak and veggie kabobs and had a picnic in the backyard. Then, we put up a huge piece of butcher paper up on the backfence and let them finger paint us a masterpiece. It was so adorable and they absolutely loved it! And as you can see from the pics, it was a total wonderful mess. And I am so so so sad that the pictures I put up can only be limited because of all the crazy weirdos out there. I took about 200 absolutely priceless photos, but I don't want to expose them to the weird world. After painting, we still had the icecream truck for B's work, we let them pick out icecream and eat it freely! How cool does that sound?? The night was just so special. They were all perfect angels. I can't believe how blessed I am to have my nieces and nephew live across the street!!
My sweet Alana. The quiet, smiling muffin. Had she not been in the noisey chair, we would have forgotten about her! She is so pleasant and lovable. I was feeding her at the end of the night and Mug came up and said, "Hi, Alana." and patted her on the head. I said, "Mug, do you want a baby sister?" He replied, "Nope....but if I did have one...I think I would learn to really love her."
What can I say about my Colton? He is hilarious to say the least. Just the spittin' image of his father in every way! He is so easy-going. A best friend to many. A silly-starter. I can always find Colton saying something funny and just laughing and laughing about it. He belly laughs at all the boy humor. I look forward to his antics in the future!
And my little Lou Lou. Ah. This is my other girl. She is just a cuddle baby. She is so quiet and so polite. She is the most compliant kiddo. She and REW are just two peas in a pod and though they could not be anymore different, they are definitely good friends. I forsee SO many fun times ahead with my girls. I just get giddy thinking about it!! Me and this one have a very very special bond that every auntie wants.
And look at these two. My little hearts. I am just in love with them. Plain and simple.
Lucky me.


Angie said...

so sweet! you did a great job on all of those pictures! i love the idea about letting them finger paint- i may have to do that with my kids. so fun!

Kimberly said...

i do love those kids! fun night, aunt nic nic.