Monday, August 02, 2010

Brittany and Lanse Tie the Knot! and other Wilson Wedding Details

We have been gearing up for Aunt Brittany to marry Lanse for about half the year. So, after many showers, gatherings and prayer for them, the weekend finally arrived! Naturally, I was a bit nervous about the children and well...the wedding events in general. The wedding was in Dallas. Sleeping, eating and life in general is just so schedule oriented with kids {or at least it is in my world}. I had just been praying that all would go smoothly and that selfishly, Brent and I would be able to enjoy ourselves and get to have fun with everyone and celebrate the last of our siblings getting married. So as it were, the day we were supposed to leave, REW had a 102 fever. Drats. TrYiNg my best to stay positive we took her to the Dr. and she had strep and an ear infection. Sad to say, I was glad we could get antibiotics. Got a script for Mug to just in case. Luckily, REW is a delightful sickie, so off we went to hang with my brother and Kim at their house in Dallas the night before all of the festivities began! The next morning, Casey and Kim had to work, so our little fam went to Cindi's for breakfast and then went to Northpark. Now, I have to add, I went to Northpark with no shower. No make-up. No hair brushing. Why? I don't know. I just didn't care. It was early in the morning. I did not think I would see anyone. But I should recall that everyone there looks like they got their makeup and hair did just to go to the mall. So as it were, I ran into quite a few people I knew. My bloggy friend, Kinsey {whom I have never met}, was in her baby bootcamp class when she saw my tots. I SO wish she would have come to say hi. She probably thought Brent was having an affair with some ghastly woman in Dallas who was too homely to wear makeup to Northpark. Then, I was delighted to get to see some of my old sorority sistas {Choo Choo}! Who were all having a cute little brunch date that I crashed! Laura, Amanda and Cori all look amazing and I might even dare to say, better now than they did 10 years ago! It was so fun to meet their little ones and chat! After a return to my brother's and a much needed shower, we transferred the family to the hotel and I met Brittany, Pam and a few of the bridal party at Romi's for some R&R and nail didding. Brittany was so cute. She was so excited and working on last minute details. I forgot how much planning went into weddings. Still, I so wish I could go back and re-do some stuff from my wedding. I am just such a different person now! I know myself and what I like so much more now!

After the finished product, we all went over to Yogurtland for a cup-o-yogurt. I LOVE that place!!! We all also went back to Northpark to find the bride shoes to wear with her rehearsal dinner dress! I must say, that girl time was so fun!
After all of the fantasy "me" time was over, it was time to get the kids ready to get to rehearsal and dinner! I wanted to ensure that every child in the Wilson clan was matching. It was adorable. It was so fun! And I got no pictures. So, these are all the evidence of all the fun work.

No, they are not taking a poop in this picture. Though, you could have fooled me. C'mon? Really, are these going to be what school pictures look like for the next 15 years?

This is my Lou Lou. I have to say, I am a BLESSED auntie. This little girl, Alana, REW and me are going to have some serious girl time in the years to come!! Lots of matching outfits to boot.
Mug got a gift for performing well at rehearsal. They were laden with bribes from Gigi throughout the weekend. The kind of gifts they received makes me wish that they somehow thought I was going to misbehave and tantrum down the aisle. They got some serious goods. Mama wants some too. After this, I got no pictures of rehearsal dinner. I am so sad about this, but I had a child about knee high that was crawling up my dress, under tables, over tables, dipping hands in everyone's drink and so on. There were no free hands for pictures, unfortunately. After a 10:45 bedtime, we were all pooped!
Up and at 'em to the bridal brunch at La Duni. I REALLY wanted to take REW, I later found out she was actually invited. However, it was probably best she did not come. The brunch was intimate and sweet. Food was AMAZING! It was so nice to savor a meal for what it is. The hostesses were a few of Pam's besties and they made all of the details so personal. Each bridesmaid had a place setting like this with a different verse and a special charm!
They made Brit a surprise scrapbook with sentiments and pictures we sent in. It was soooo lovely!
We had bags with a huge beachtowel, earrings and hot pink flip flops! We got to wear the flip flops to the reception!
Me and Rach
More Heaven. Props La Duni, props.
Rach, Christin, Brit and Melinda
Me and Brit being silly.

Mama and Brittany
K-dog and Biss
Pam and Cindi
Brit and the cousins!
Bridal entourage.
The seesters.
And I forgot to mention we had babysitters the entire time!!!! IT'S A MUST, people.
Later on, I got my hair teased. I am hair illiterate. I can't do hair. So I was first in line to steal the pro!
How does this turn into something beautiful?
We got to the church at 3 and played and got dresses. Lanse had these specially made for Biss! How sweet??!
Our dresses with hot pink shoes!
Kendra's mom and dad {mimi and Pa} brought all 5 kids to the church! WHAT A BLESSING! So many carseats and car-hopping I thought I would lose my mind! Thanks, guys!!!!!!
Biss with Byron and last minute ceremony prep! Doesn't she look so cute???? She was GORGEOUS and beeming and soooooo happy!
This was probably my favorite...the little girls getting their hair done! Ah! Kenley is crying here, but she was actually not crying most of the time. They liked it with a few skittle bribes!
REW is telling Betty all about her hair.
I just think this is sooooo cute! I love having a girl. I really do!
My sweet little Skittle face!
And I have to add...I love having a boy too. How cute is this duo? Benjie snapped this outside the church and it could be one of the best ones!
The wedding ceremony was lovely. It was emotional. I looked over at my husband of almost 8 years across the stage and I could tell he was emotional. Of course, he was. It is his baby sister. And then you think about YOUR own children and you get emotional. The music was wonderful. The message was wonderful. And it was all so special because Lanse and Brittany truly make eachother better people. I loved it. Oh, and the children did WONDERFULLY. REW came down the aisle with her swisher and Charlie. A fact that could not be avoided if everyone wanted peace. While I was a little mortified seeing her walk down with Charlie in tow, I later just realized that she is who she is. And now we have a lot of pictures to prove that! HA! Reception was in a fabulous artsy warehouse called the Hickory Street Annex and it was GORGEOUS! Pam and Brittany worked so hard to get it just right, and I thought it looked magical!
My Mug was phening for the cake. The sitter had to literally hold him back!

Can you believe this pair will be dancing a father-daughter dance down the road?

This is my favorite picture. It the way I envision all 3 of them. Even little REW is wiggling out of his arms. I love them so. I love Brent so much more than ever. This man puts up with a lot. And he still honors and leads me. And most importantly, he loves me as crazy as I am.
Dancing. Dancing. Dancing. My children inherited the love-to-dance gene {thankfully}.
Cuteness! Gigi and REW!
There was a little lounge area in a dark corner. Mug went over and laid down on the couch! He was sooooo tired. It was about 10:30p. I just cuddled and loved on him! He was soooo well behaved! I thought it was considerate of him not to whine, rather to just lie down.
And then REW joined in.
And there it is, folks. We left at about 11:15p. Kids were so exhausted. It was so wonderful! Thanks and love to Brittany and Lanse! This is only the beginning to a wonderful new life for the two of you. I simply cannot wait to see what the future holds!


walkers said...

I LOVE these pics! you are stunning, your babes presh, britt is amazing-what a sweet memory!

angie said...

I'm so glad I get to see pics of Brittany's sweet day! Everything looks great!!! I love your "fixed" hair and the pink shoes and Reese's pink dress:-). I can't believe everybody's married! In my head Kacey and Brittany are still in high school but this is the same head that forgets I'm 34 stinkin' years old too:-).
Great Wilson family fun!

Austin and Ashley Evans said...

Your kiddos are PRECIOUS!!! And I loved getting to meet you in person finally! :)