Sunday, March 07, 2010

One Sick REW!!!

SO sad! Wednesday afternoon I came home to an almost life-less and limp little biscuit. She had a 103.7 and climbing temp. Since REW is the exact opposite of limp and life-less I called the Dr. and got in immediately. Turns out she had an ear infection the previous 2 weeks that didn't heal. It was apparently pretty nasty looking. Poor baby. So, another round of antibiotics and a night where she laid like this and cuddled us in bed. Something that she has never ever done in her squirmy little life! This picture she actually looks alert, but she wasn't! She would hold her Charlie up and barely muster up the word,"Chaaaa"! It was pathetic and cute all at the same time! Winter has been brutal. Ready for some SPRING!


Page said...

aw, that first pic of her is SO SAD!! :( feel better soon, REW!

Sally said...

awww, sweet Reecey!!!!