Monday, February 15, 2010

Choo Choo! All Aboard for Mug's 3rd Birthday!

Another year gone. In disbelief, happiness, gratitude and a little sadness {only to think my man is growing up so quickly!}, we had another great birthday party for my Mug! {The invitation made by Angela}
Since Mug's birthday is in February, weather is always up in the air. Let's just say we are 0-3 in good weather! It turned into a cloudy, windy and cooooold day for the train party! However, we did not let it stop the fun! The kids bundled up and came to par-tay! A SUPER special thanks to all who came...I know it is hard when you also have Valentine's plans! Valentine's Day is now Mug's birthday to us and so we forget all about the holiday! Here is Mimi's banner that was made before he was born! I plan to put this out every single year until he croaks of embarrassment....even then...I will still put it out! Mug has some absolutely precious friends. I was teary watching all of them on several occasions. They are all growing up so fast. I love these bunch of kids with ALL MY HEART. Just adore them.
Birthday boy is ready. Has been ready. So excited to have his train party. Honestly, I let him pick so many of the details. Like blue trains. And conductor hats. And all of his candy buffet!
Here I am getting ready! I LOVED doing this party {always!}
A bit of the decorations before they were all messed up:
I did a candy buffet per Mug's request! He always wants to eat candy. I asked him what he wanted for his birthday breakfast and he said, "CANDY! Or a gumball that I have never had in my whole life." We opted for cinnamon rolls.

The table was a big train with all snacks in the "cars". Brent actually helped me come up with the idea! I see party planning in his future!!!
And notice the cake was tested out unbeknownst to me as I was putting everything else out! Heehee!

Love. This. Guy.

Some guests of honor:

Here are the sweet dads outside in the frigid temps watching the kids on the trackless train.
Oh, the trackless train. I ordered it from the same place I ordered the ponies. I thought it was going to look like a train {most of them do}. And instead it looked like this. MAJOR disappointment to me to say the least. But, to the kids, they could care less!!! It was fun for them!

Coming back inside to play off and on to get warm!

REW made her debut after Guckie got her up from a nap.

Mug and Karoline Horner were begging to cut the cake! So I gathered the craziness up to the dining room!
It was soooo funny because he sang Happy Birthday to himself and it was so cute!
Mug knew exactly what to do.

As the party wound down, we ordered pizza and played with the family.

The buddies! Love. Them.
And my buddy. Sweet man. I love you so! Happy Birthday to you! My fun-ny Valentine!!!

{I am sure there will be more party pics to follow...}


Anonymous said...

What a great party!! Happy birthday Tristan and way to go Nicki!

Swartz's Scribbles said...

I love the train with the snacks inside. So creative!
Happy Birthday little man. Blessings.

The Johnstons said...

Such a fun party, as always, and great pictures! Happy 3rd Birthday, Tristan!!

angie said...

So CUTE! I love each and every detail but I think my favorite is how you made the food table look like little train cars-genius! I hope yall had a wonderufl bday!

Sally said...

yay!!! Such a super fun party Nic - you are amazing!!! we loved every minute of it and just feel at home with your sweet fam!! Cannot believe these boys are growing right before our very eyes...ahhh! 3 already?? gah!!!

laura said...

What an amazing party, Nicki! Love the invites, candy bar, train cars for much fun. I can't believe he is 3--such an adorable little guy!

Lauren Madison said...

Such awesome pics and what a great party! You are awesome! T is getting so big and I can hardly believe it!!! Remember when I was his first non-family babysitter when he was only 9 months old!!! ah...crazy :) Love y'all a lot!

Jaime said...

girl, can you come do one of my kids' parties?! So adorably cute. You have mad party skills. :)