Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Take #2 {the playgroup post}

Well, this take was better than the first one! Different patch, different day. Still not the pictures a mother's heart wants to capture ideally, but I guess we don't live in an ideal world everyday!
The three amigos...The little tiger {this is literal and figurative--loooove my brode man!}...
Lil' miss Kenley Lou ladybug...
And little Ella bug...
Patriot the Rodeo king...
Gathering for the first attempt...

The sweet twin trains...

Overall, they did not want to take pictures, they just wanted to run free! Of course, they did! After about 6 suckers each and a pumpkin chocolate chip muffin later...they had plenty to burn!
To Mug's playgroup: I love you all. It is so special to me how many times we have done these photo shoots at the pumpkin patch-can you believe this is the third? I know the pictures get harder and harder to take {or at least the way we would like them to}, but the friendships that are growing from these days are so very special to me and to our muffins. You know, one day, they are not going to want to get in any costume at all. We will not have these days to gather together and watch them run a muck, and have to chase them. We won't have them crying when we try to sit them down in a good spot. These days are so short, my friends! I treasure each and everyone of your littles...and I treasure you mamas too.


Sally said...

such fun memories!!!! those are too cute!

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