Monday, October 19, 2009

Fair Weather

The next to the last day it was here, we decided to go to the fair. Tradition. The weather had been horrendous for about 2 weeks straight, and the sun came out just in time for us to go. Brent and I both asked the Polnicks {on different occasions} if we could take their CDP with us. We have missed getting to see him all the time! Forgetting how big of a task getting things ready for a family of four + a borrowed is, it seemed like it took forever to actually get there! We did eventually arrive and the boys were giddy. The wanted to run from the get-go!First stop was the petting zoo! Mug is always in heaven around strange creatures. He buried his face in that white goat behind him most of the time. He loves to talk to all of the animals. CDP was close behind, with a little more caution...especially for the shirt-eating fawn!

REW enjoyed all of it as well. She is learning her animal sounds so she was totally excited about seeing the real deals!
And of course, there is fair food...
Not easy trying to eat your "dinner on a stick" with 3 kids in tow! We somehow managed though!
On to the rodeo...
They LOVED it. You can't tell from the pictures, but they were yelling and getting into every minutes! Mug loves the "wild horseys!"

REW was into her popcorn!
And then there were more animals!

And lastly, pony rides! All 3 kiddos were pros at the ponies. They loved them so much! REW was soooo mad when the ride stopped.

We ended up leaving around 8:45 p.m....a ways past bedtime. REW screamed in the car the whole way and CDP silently cried in the far back seat. Mug kept asking, "Creighter...are you fake crying?" Despite that minor detail, it was such a fun night! Can't wait until next year!!!


Swartz's Scribbles said...

That fawn tried to eat my shirt too! That dang fawn. Kids are so cute... looks like your guys had a great time. xoxo

Kimberly said...

Thank you for taking our little man. I know he had such a wonderful time. Sorry he cried in the backseat---reading that made me a bit sad! You got some great pictures and I love that you shared them with me too :)! You guys are the best.

Charla (SHar-la) said...

"Are you fake crying?" That totally cracked me up! I'm thinking the MUG must have heard that one somewhere before! LOL!