Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Day, Hottie!

Minutes after Mug and REW woke from their naps, Daddy walked in the door! He had been away fishing in Colorado for a whole week! It was a great Father's Day surprise considering we thought he would not be home until late! Tristan proudly displayed his art work. He loves to use his glue!
We jumped right into present opening! And I have never seen REW display such adoration towards a single person! She stared at him like this for almost an hour! It was priceless. We all missed him so.

Daddy, we can't even put it into words what you mean to us. You are so cool, patient and loving. You are super dad. And mommy says you are really hot! Good to have you back!
Mommy, Mug and REW

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Kimberly said...

that picture of reese looking at brent almost made me cry. that is precious. what a lucky little girl and a lucky little mug to have such a wonderful daddy. i'm also so thankful that creighton, in many ways, gets to experience such a special relationship with brent- he loves him so much!

thanks for sharing!