Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Getting Ready For Griffin

Our besties found out today they are having another glorious boy! It all worked out the way God intended, but they were extra excited considering they really really wanted it to be another son. I will say a little part of me wanted REW to have a ballet buddy, but a boyfriend in the makes is fine too. I guess this means our sports teams will be expanded a little more. I am so excited for them. In case you can't tell already, their first born is like another son to us. We love him and have so adored watching him grow up these past two years along side Mug. They are the best of friends. Now, we get to look forward to little bitty Griffin. Oh, the things he has to come! Not only does he have the best parents ever, he has a hilarious big brother and fanatastic family! Along with that, he will have to put up with our family too! I can see it now. Reese Elaine will have all 3 boys wrapped around her finger, bossing them around and getting protection to the third degree when she is becoming a teen. Watch out, guys! Little Griffin will go thru his rite of passge daily as Creighton, Tristan and Colton lovingly beat him up and play tricks on him as only brothers can do. Sounds awful, but he will love having them to look up to! In honor of finding out Griffin is a Griffin, Nic Nic made some blue monogrammed and "OH BOY" cupcakes. Kimbo had to jet back to A-town, but the little ones got to enjoy.

Dear Griffin,
Already, I am anxiously awaiting your arrival. You will be a very blessed young man, indeed. I can't wait to meet you. You will always have your Nic Nic to be silly and crazy with. I promise I will sing silly songs, make crazy faces and play any game you want me to. You will have to endure many family vacations with your crazy "second" family and that means listening to Uncle Brent's funny, loud stories. You are going to be loved. Infact, you are already.
Loving you,
Nic Nic


angie said...

Of course she made cupcakes?!?! Gotta love that girl. That is really great news:-)

Kimberly said...

You know Griffin will love Aunt Nic Nic as much as Creighton adores you! There's just no way around it! You mean so much to our family of four, and as I held REW last night, a part of me wanted to cry that my Griffin won't quite have the same kind of friendship with her that Creighter Bug has with Mug. But nonetheless, we're blessed indeed!

Thanks for being you!

Sally said...

awww, so so sweet!!!!

kelly 's a riot said...

hi there--just wanted to say i miss you. i've spent like 30 minutes catching up on the last 2 weeks of your life and now i'm tired:) i,m happy you had such a fun birthday week and it is an HONOR to be your friend. i realize this comment goes with the other post, but who am i to ever follow convention. i mean, i'm STILL blogging about mug's birthday week a solid month later!

love you,

~SHANNON~ said...

I'm not sure how I stumbled on your blog! I linked from someones, to someone elses...and here I am! But I'm glad I found it. You have a beautiful family. Just had to say- I just love those cupcakes- that's adorable!