Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm Your Biggest Fan

What a weekend for Baylor fans! If you are not a Baylor alumni or fan, you may not know how hard it is for us. A small school trying to keep up with the big boys. Yesterday we beat the Aggies in football, which feels so so so good! Last night we went to the basketball game and beat an obscure Paul Quinn College. But we beat them by almost 60 points. This felt good too! Our family are basketball FREAKS and to know we have so much depth this year after our tumultuous years, is VERY exciting! Here is one of the Bear's Biggest Fans:

Found the stash of popcorn
Found his Gigi--still eating popcorn
So excited to be above the bearpit!

Found his cousin and Pop Pop and cotton candy! Good to go on a sugar high at 9 pm!

Trying to show Colton a battle wound. As you can see, he is unsympathetic.

And one last hug before you go!
So much fun! So excited for basketball starting! Love my little man! Love the Bears!
ps...still no Reeses Pieces! 4 more days!


mommymimi said...

come on reese!!! come on hot sauce!!! nick! we had fun at lunch... betsy bug kept talking about "tistan" too fun! hurry up reese!!! break water break!

kinsey said...

only a few more days, at the most. SO EXCITING!!!

Callie said...

The game was AMAZING...I almost wet my pants I was so excited. I couldn't take it! My dad's an Aggie...everytime we made a great play, my dad would take his hat off and just shake his head. It was a glorious sight!!!!

Angie said...

oh! i wish we could have come up for the games... caleb contemplated trying to get tickets, but thought there was just no hope at the last minute. he is still walking on clouds and proud to represent down here in Pearland, TX!!!

Kimberly said...

of course, benjie was upset that we were in pearland visiting kristi instead of cheering on the day of the bears. unless reese comes, we'll be at the game on Tuesday. you?

i can get the boys from MDO and you can meet us at the game whenever if you feel up to it- or I can watch them.

Nicki W. said...

kimbo, i think we are going too--it will give me something to do after a no-nap situation!

laura said...

We listened to the game on the radio and Adam kept checking the scores on his phone-it was so incredible! Way to go Baylor!

kinsey said...

SO, scott tivoed the basketball game from today and he just got home from work and was watching it. all of a sudden he goes "babe, come that your friend?" and i look to see you, kimberly, both littles and i'm guessing benjie (his face was covered with the sign) holding an adorable sign!!! so fun!! i laughed out loud and said, "how did you know those were my friends?" his answer..."it was a pregnant lady." ha! i guess he was listening when i was telling him all about yall on saturday and looking for you at the game!

yall looked great on tv by the way!! :-)

Nicki W. said...

kinsey!! yep! that was us--pretty cute, huh? we were hoping that would work and get us a second on the tube! girl, don't lie--i looked like a heffer, i saw the footage, with my only green shirt that fits! heehee! i will be looking for you at the game after this next one!


kinsey said...

hey nicki! thought i would just email so we didn't have to keep commenting back and forth :-) will you send me your email?