Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Gentle Giant?

Poor Clara. When she came to stay with us last Thursday, she was so unaware of what to expect. Then, Tristan became very her head. He for some reason wanted to drum on her head non-stop. This alarmed me as it would any other mother of a tot who is expecting another. He loved her and wanted to play with her so much, but he thought she was a toy! ahhh! Tell me they learn to be gentle! Look how scared the poor little miss looks! And how happy Tristan looks!


Corrie said...

Awh! Clara loved playing with Tristan! It was good practice for the big-brother-to-be! Maybe when Babe #2 comes, Tristan will be over the head-drumming thing! :) Thanks again to you BOTH for making Clara's day so lovely!

Ryan said...

He's used to seeing the Bears get beaten like a drum so he wanted to do it to an Aggie for once.

Thanks again!!

Kierstyn said...

When I was expecting #2, my oldest would "love on" her baby dolls. Often times, loving turned into taking the baby doll by the feet and smashing the doll's head into the floor. Made me nervous, but all turned out well!

Rose C said...

What a couple of cuties!