Thursday, February 28, 2008

Waiting List

I wonder when you read the title, did you get a little antsy? Why? Because I do when I hear or see these words. I think 'waiting lists' are all the rage in the mommy world, folks.
**Disclaimer** please read and enjoy this post with a light and easy heart, I am simply writing in regards to my feelings and observations on the topic, which are comical and mostly jokingly no way would I want to offend my fan club (wink).
Allow me to explain as a slightly hypothetical convo I sorta kinda encounter on the daily:
EX. 1:
Me: "is little so and so in Mother's Day Out?"
Who's her face: "Yes, she is in XYZ until I can get her into What's Where."
Me: "What's so fab about What's Where?"
Who's her face: "They do this and that."
Me: "Do they not do this and that at XYZ?"
Who's her face: "Yes, but they do this and that more at What's Where."
Me: "Why not put So and So at What's Where in the beginning instead of XYZ?"
Who's her face: "there is a...(lean over into a whisper to finish explaining)...waiting list."
Me: "Ahhhh...I see."

EX 2:
She asks, "Where is Tristan going to pre-school?"
I reply, "Not sure. Haven't given it much thought really. Doesn't that start when they are 3?"
She states, "No, they really should be in pre-school by 2 these days. You know, they may never recover socially if not."
I reply, "You don't say. Guess I better get a move on it, then. Tristan may not be able to fend for himself in the real world when he turns 4 and gets his first job. What is a good place?"
She responds, "XYZ, Where It's At, The Only One..."
I exclaim, "Great! I'll keep that in mind when the time comes,"
She interrupts, "Well, there is a (pull in close)... long, very long, way too long-waiting list."

I know, I know. Good things catch on, and therefore, waiting lists occur. Still to me, it just all seems so very complicated in the mommy world of littles. What's more for me, I feel like I NEED to be on those darn, pesky lists! Am I the only one who feels this way? It just seems so funny! I really do want Tristan to have a wonderful social/spiritual AND educational experience. That is a huge huge desire of mine. I just wonder if it starts so young. I know there are a lot of places that are FAR superior to some, but with the good ones, is there that much of a difference? I don't know--maybe you all can enlighten me! I am sure I will end up on a waiting list of some kind...I think this day and age they are just inevitable. Still, I miss the good ol' days of just showing up at school and church not having to worry about a spot. Or maybe those days never existed. For now I guess I will just get in line....


Summer, Justin, & Blake said...

Ughhhhh ... Mother's Day Out registration! Last March, at NINE months pregnant, I got up at 4:30am (who am I kidding, I couldn't sleep when I was that huge anyway) and was at the church at 5am so I could get Blake into Mother's Day Out for the FOLLOWING FALL! (Blake had not even been born yet when I signed him up.) And although I got there at 5am, I was the 12th person in line. BUT ... Blake got in the program.

However, I had to have childcare for 2 days a week because I have a photography business that I work on when he's in "school." SO ... I say NO rush if you are a SAHM! Enjoy your little man! Honestly, I rarely even take Blake to MDO ($ out the window, I know) because I miss him when he's there! I only take him when I have work to do.

So don't feel pressured! Have fun with your sweet baby! I'm sure he gets plenty of socialization with his playgroup and at church! :)

Melissa said...

I so had this conversation today at the park from your very perspective.

Katie said...

Ugh...I feel ya already. I've already been told to get my baby on a waiting list since I PLAN on returning to work part time next January after the baby is born. I feel like it is ridiculous that you cannot even tell that I am pregnant and I should be searching for childcare...BUT, now it's in my head that-that is what I HAVE to do and I've been researching and making contacts for weeks now!!!

Luci said...

nicky! i stopped by your blog b/c you are listed on adrianna's. i feel like i know the exact "places", aka baby deopts, that you are talking about and i feel the SAME way! my little turns one this week & she is not at a baby mom actually has run a mdo for years & swears to me that she'll have plenty of time to be in school & to just enjoy her & wait on the preschool thing. i honestly feel intimidated by the waiting list places b/c i feel like i am sticking my little into the rat race at too tiny of an age! i could go on & on. i'll stop now. maybe she & tristan can play at the park while other people wait in line...

walkers said...

oh totally girl, lets just stay out of that club altogether and have really precocious boys because they are with their brilliant mommies all the time,eh?

Page said...

What's funny about this to me is that there is a really good school here that requires no tuition but is not a "private" school and has an excellent academic background for elementary through middle school kids. The only catch is that now it has become so popular that there is a drawing every school year for new applications b/c they limit the amount of children that can attend...200-300 people apply for the kindergarten spots (which has the most openings) and there are usually only 70 openings. So, I'm wondering if I can go ahead and get a number and I'll let them know when I have a child!

Christian Family said...

You HIT the nail on the head!!! Just are your little one's mommy...and that all the pressure in the world is going to do nothing but put unnecessary pressure on you...and in turn your little guy! Coming from a mom of a child with severe allergies...who cannot attend any kind of MDO programs...know that your little one will be quite normal(and even on the correct social/intellectual/ verbal level) if he does not attend "school" starting at 2! There are SO MANY opportunities to socialize...playdates, playgroups, church, etc. And...just remember...they are only little for a brief enjoy these fun days of seeing all the amazing learning experiences through your little ones eyes...both at home and of course in different social settings!
I do, however, on a side note...think this kind of "waiting list" thing is a Waco thing9so many that will help with perspective). Just observation...from what I hear where we live it is really not so much that way. If you want a mother's day out just decide which one and pretty much sign-up. There is definitely not the pressure that I hear about in Waco.
GOOD LUCK and just remember...go with your heart!!!

Audrey T said...

Whew! Good luck, Nicki! Soon after we found out we were having Sam, everyone wanted to know which childcare waiting lists we had put our names on - um, no where! Glad to know the push to wait is a national phenomenon.

Kimberly said...

It must be crazy like that everywhere! Most of the Stay at home moms I know have their kids in a school program at least 2-3 days a week. I just cant' quite justify sending Adalie off when I am quite capable of keeping her myself at home. After all, that is why I quit my job-to become a stay at home mom. If she wasn't here to stay at home with then what would I be called? Although I don't deny that the freedom does sound great at times!!

Kelly said...

Hey this is Kelly McCarver (maddux...remember me) ..I found you from Adrianna's site....I love your are so right on with this. Hannah is 2.5yrs old, and she stays with me all the time. She goes to church on wed/sun, but other than that she's not on a list or enrolled anywhere. So be at's ok. Hannah knows her letters, numbers, colors, shapes.......and I can teach her for free : ) No, I think preschool and MDO's are great....but where we live they don't have that. So she gets to be with the teacher that loves her the most...ME. It starts so early doesn't it.....the comparison, what does your child know, just raise your little boy the best you can, and he'll be just fine : )
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