Friday, August 05, 2005

Here's What's Happening In Our Neck of The Woods

A lot is happening in the Wilson family. Well, maybe not a lot, but there are some changes. First, Brent will graduate with an Master's in education with a focus on Sports Pedagogy (art of teaching sports) on August 13th. He also got a job coaching at Texas Christian Academy (TCA) where he will be coaching the boy's basketball team. TCA is a private, Christian school and it has afforded him the luxury of not teaching class, which is what he did not want to do! This way, he is going to be able to work on his business in the day and coach in the afternoon. Yippy! I am so happy to have him on a semi-set schedule! He is also no longer writing for because we wanted to join the Bear Foundation (you cannot be a part of both) and go to all the football games. So, that is Brent's update. I am doing all the same things. My kickboxing class is put on hold due to construction of the Y (long story) so I am not sure when I will get my class back. However, that gives me free time to do more. More of what? I am not sure. More time with friends and family and ministering to people, hopefully! Just wanted to fill you in on the wild world of Wilson.

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