Thursday, June 30, 2005

Good News/Bad News

Yesterday the Dr. confirmed what we had suspected. My Nana has Alzheimer's. The mass they were seeing was disease. She does have water on the brain, but it is caused by the Alzheimer's. In a way, this is a blessing, because now we have some answers. However, it is still something hard to swallow fully. I know it is devastating to Grandaddy. He did not want to think it was true. Now we can focus on getting her comfortable and learning more about what we can do as a family. Thank you all so much for praying. That is all I ask for. I know it is from the heart. Isn't it amazing that God hears us? My In a country of prayers and cries, he is also listening for my voice. The funniest part is, He loves it. He is delighted I have asked Him to hear me. So hard to fathom. It's not my job to fathom it though, all I need to know is it is absolutely true. I am comforted in that.