Wednesday, June 01, 2005

10 Great Dates and Other Reasons I Love Our Church

Our Church is hosting a series called "10 Great Dates". It is basically a marriage or relationship seminar that meets weekly for 10 weeks. First, each week anyone interested (couples) meets at our church and watches a video introducing the challenge for the week (there is a married couple on the video who introduce the activity and explain why) apparently, they are the ones who created the cirriculum. It looks like they were taped circa 1990 and the people border on the cheesy side, but the rest of the night was really fun! Then, you go off with your spouse and complete the assignment--it is a date! There are a series of questions you ask to ignite conversation, and while you discuss the answers, you have to go on a creative date. The church provides some cheap ideas of places to go. After you go on the date, everyone meets back at church and breaks into small group discussion about what you talked about! It was really fun! Brent and I went for a walk (we live 3 blocks from church), sat on a bench and talked about our answers,then went home and cooked together. We were skeptical at first, but as the night went on...we realized what a good idea this is. It makes you realize how talking about old memories makes you realize why you love each other. Just taking the time to talk without any interruption was nice. It was so pleasant. And to think I almost skipped it for kickboxing! I am excited about the next 9 weeks!
I also love our Life Group. It is so nice to be around believers and be vulnerable with them. We talk about real things, take the "church face" off. It really makes a difference in the church as a whole. I think all churches should have some form of a small group so you can REALLY get to know others and minister to their needs. We know eachother's testimonies and struggles. We are all becoming close friends which really blesses me. Tomorrow we are grilling steaks, playing washers and then praying for each other. Sounds like a plan to me!

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