Thursday, April 21, 2011

Snow is Falling and We Do Not Have The Proper Clothing.

The weather this year was so strange. We actually had a REAL snow day. Lots of snow. It was beautiful. We do have a little problem living in Texas though. We don't really have the appropriate attire to make it for long amounts of time outside. Still though. It was a nice break in monotonany. Me and the kiddos even made snow icecream and ya know, even though it seems like a gross concept, it was really really tasty! I loved getting extra cuddle time in with the kids. We were all very compliant on the snow days!

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The Johnstons said...

Welcome back to the blogging world! Loved catching up on your Christmas and snow days. I have been playing catch up, too, for the last few months and still have a few more posts before I'm there. It is so worth it to have the books to look back on, though.