Thursday, January 13, 2011

My REW is TWO!

One reason I wanted to continue blogging was to journal the kids growth. It is so crazy to me that I have a 2 year old GIRL. No one prepared me. Girls are girls! They are little women! Ah! I have a true mini-me. My little gal is a class clown, but also a quiet one. She is a fast talker. She has a little stinker-streak. Just like me. REW has many interests. Mainly: PINK. Since I was not ready to have a pink-out, I settled for her strong second: SHOES. She is in love with shoes. And not any shoes. Pretty girly shoes. Mary Janes. Even her "tenny shoesies" are a version of mary janes! It was a little daunting to do just Mary Janes. I didn't want heels, implicating "diva", I wanted something for little girls. I worked with a wonderful etsy shop owner, Rebekah, of A Blissful Nest, and she helped me design EXACTLY what was in my head. She is amazing! She also kindly featured REW's party on her blog ! What an honor! And of course, Thank you to Kimberly {my bestie} for taking and sharing these pictures.

 I picked bold colors because my girl is bold! Pink, Turquoise, Orange and Purple!

 And the fare was all SWEETS!

 These were the little table toppers on the little people tables!
 and a shoe box filled with little Mary Jane socks that were filled with jelly beans were the favors.

 Funniest {at the time worst} part of the day was when daddy--bless his heart--picked up the cupcakes from cecile and brought them in the house and sat them ALL upside down in their box. yep. There was no smash cake and I salvaged half of the cupcakes.
 Since we live in the great state of Texas, you just never know what the weather will hold for a Novermber birthday. This year held a balmy 80 degrees! All the kids went outside to run around! It actually turned out to be perfect!
 Sweet Ainsley
 Uncle "Ants" and Bwittany.
 Jon Jon and Griffy

 Party after it moved outdoors!
 My Lou Lou and REW--two of my faves!!!!
 Griffy--I have recently discovered that he is a comedian!! Love him.
 Sweet Lila

 Ainsley lovin' some cupcake!

It was such a fun birthday to throw. I think this is my last year to get to pick the theme. REW is certain to want a Pink princess party much to my chagrin--I have too much fun doing parties that are not the usual. Oh well. My little lady is such a doll baby and while she might be the one to give me greys, I certainly love to sit back and watch the REW show. Here's to another blessed year with REW!!!!


Having It All said...

I bet it is hard for you to fall asleep at night while spinning all of these beautifully creative parties in your head! Happy Birthday to your baby!

Sally said...

what a sweet party it was, and of course, super creative and every detail was just precious. love it all friend!!!! cannot believe REW is 2!!!