Monday, July 06, 2009


3-0! You are such a faithful friend. Thanks for being such a huge part of not only my life, but also my little family's life. I love to trace the Lord's hand in how he brought you guys here. I am so happy you were obedient to come. How different it would be without you. You are a wonderful mother, and an amazing gift of a friend. Hope your day was filled with fun!

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Kimberly said...

Sweet Nic! First of all, I'm laughing for some reason, because you said, "large part of your life!" and yes, I'm very large at 3-0!

Thank you for everything you did to help Benjie pull off the birthday surprise party and each of the details you added because you know me so well: the flowers, the frames, the top thirty list, the precious scrapbook, and even the country music! Being with so many friends and their families (my favorite part!) makes that party a night I'll never forget.

And, I can't imagine either what our life would have been like if we didn't come when God led us to Waco.

Love you!