Wednesday, May 21, 2008

13 Weeks

Colossions 2:6-7 "So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness."

I am sad that I am so behind on this post. It is not to say that I am not so excited about this pregnancy, rather, my life is at a constant non-stop pace it seems. I rarely have time to sit and marvel at my belly like I want to. To sit and wish and pray things upon him or her as I touch my little growing bump. To talk and sing to my new love. The little love who is tucked away peacefully and warm in my womb. I love this being inside of me so much. So much is different about this pregnancy, as should be. I think this baby is saying that they want to be unique and set apart. To give me something to remember.
The first trimester was indeed different. I do not want to compare my pregnancy with Tristan to this one in these posts, so I can respect my little button as an individual. BUT the differences have been quite noticable! This round I was nauseaous on and off the whole first trimester. My face is totally broken out and my hair is growing out of every pore on my head and FAST! I love sweets and fruit. Well, heck, I am loving salty things too. I guess I just love to eat! I am feeling quite a great deal better as I am in the second trimester! The energy is coming back!

I have hardly gained any weight...yet. I am starting to show a belly rather than the previous 12 weeks where I sported a muffin top. Not the most flattering, but I can still wear all of my regular clothes! Any sort of maternity clothes sort of makes me cringe. However, the inevitable is going to happen is looming on the horizon.
I am teaching Tristan that his brother or sister lives inside my belly. He really digs that thought. He points and says, "Brubba." We are guilty of assuming that the button will be a brother. I don't really have an inclination that way, I just don't know any different. A girl is a foreign concept to me right now. I expect a brood of men in my house, I suppose.

I am just grateful overall. There are some days where I do not remember I am pregnant until I get into bed. The daily grind is just so active, errr, my 15 month old is too active for me to sit and ponder. Still, I find time to pray that God's child would be whomever he wants them to be. I am just eternally grateful He chose me to parent again. It is often a title I am still not sure I am deserving of. I certainly feel clueless most of the time. My prayers are now turned towards having wisdom and grace. Grace I need daily and wisdom I need for the future as I prepare to shelter 2 under my sometimes fragile wing.


Rose C said...

What a beautiful post! I can't wait to meet Tristan's new little Brubba!

Summer, Justin, & Blake said...

I love this post! So exciting!! And you are so cute and tiny!

walkers said...

what a sweet sentiment. I love that you are drinking in the moments.

Lauren Ralston said...

Your words are so inspiring!! I would say that you are having a girl though, it is just my inclination! Hope you are feeling good, you look great!