Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Few of my Faves

Loving the wagon!
getting up on my chair
backyard wagon rides
waiting on Clara to arrive
napping after Clara arrives
napping at my first BAYLOR game on my Gigi
...after my nap on Gigi
happy happy boy
Between the new camera, new computer, 5 year anniversary, hosting parties, Baylor games, and now the pugs disappearance (again)...I have had no time to blog and really no energy either.
We lost the pugs again and found Frankie, but not Emmitt. Needless to say, our household is pretty down right now. If you think about us, say a little prayer!!


Melissa said...

I'll be praying for Emmitt's speedy and safe return!

The pictures are so sweet! You must have a climber like we do.

Happy 5 year anniversary!! :) It looks like you had a great time celebrating, and YAY for a new camera and computer!! :) We'll all benefit from those gifts! :) Thanks Brent!

Page said...

I'm so sorry about Emmitt...oh I would be a wreck!! I'm sending lots of prayers and good thoughts your way. BTW, happy 5th anniversary and many more...your tribute was really sweet.

Mollie said...

Sweet pics! Tristan is growing so fast!! Thanks for the heads up about your house! I'm sure it's darling!! We're pretty much looking to by in Hewitt, though. Hope you're doing well!