Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My 8 Month Old

Psalm 126:2"Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy. Then it was said among the nations, 'The LORD has done great things for them.' ".

Oh my! This update is late! There is hardly any time to sit down and write when you have an 8 month old in the house! My beautiful baby is all over the place and learning so many new things. He has only a slight resemblance to the teensy man I brought home in February. My little guy is growing up so fast.

Our last few weeks have been plagued by teeth--many groaning nights, and the roseola virus! Tristan ran a 103 temp for almost five days straight! Thank goodness for Motrin and prayers! I think it was much harder on me than it was him! Can you say "cabin fever?" He also now has his 2 top front teeth. Boy those things come in pairs, don't they?

Despite the illness, Tristan is getting bigger and bigger! He is now waving, "buh-bye", throwing his whole arm into the action! He says Mama, especially when he is up on all fours ready to crawl to something, but still can't quite get it yet! I guess he wants my help?! He has also decided that he needs to feed himself, so I always end up finding peas in between his toes and other areas. Getting into the car seat, highchair, stroller, anything that straps in down, is a huge challenge. He arches his back and screams and throws his head back almost to where it touches his heels. Oh sheesh. I guess he has his father's need to feel free. He also cannot be left alone without me. I can't sneak out of the room without a little cry. I walk back in and he is reaching up for me...ok, so it is a little rewarding to see that. My biceps are getting big from all the carrying around.

A few of his favorite things are: buttons on appliances. This has become our saving grace. Anytime he cries, we take him over to the microwave and let him push the buttons. Works like a charm. Also, any sort of paper to tear. There is really no need to buy toys, he would rather go thru the mail with me and eat and shred the junk mail. He is also starting to venture out on foods and we have discovered a new love...yogurt! However, more than any of these things, he has one true love...dogs! All dogs are #1 in his eyes! His face lights up and he squeals and squeals and lunges for any and all dogs. Loves them! Hmmmm...I think we have found our first birthday party theme! I think Emmitt is going bald on some parts of his body from all the hair pulling.

In a couple of weeks, we will be having our first Halloween. What a new venture! There is so much that goes into Halloween as a parent. I had no idea what a big deal it was! Tristan will be going as a hippo. Of course it is adorable, but he hates the very centerpiece of the costume....the hippo head. So, who knows, we may be sporting a grey suit while mom carries the dreaded hippo head!

All and all, we are so blessed. My child is so beautiful sometimes I just stare at him. I kiss his cheeks and his head so many times a day that it would be difficult to count. I want to get as many in as I can while he is still so pure and divinely sweet. I anticipate the months and years to come. Still, I know I need to stop and savor each little miracle moments of the day. When my little baby is still a baby. When I am still the apple of his eye and he is mine. How deep and how wide...


walkers said...

i want to eat him up he is so delicious! time flies, our baby turns a year old next month- makes me want to cry. i too kiss my little chunk of love so much I am surprised there are not permanent smooch marks!

Corrie said...

OH TRISTAN! I love how much he loves puppy dogs! And Clara is already excited about coming to his puppy dog birthday party! Tell Emmitt he may need to teach Gx3 a few things about babies!
He's such a precious guy...I love his serious faces!

lauren said...

I absolutely love that last picture of him! I also love your monthly updates. I love knowing what's going on in little Tristan's world! 8 months is such a fun age! It's right when they start to become mobile, which is so much fun (and work) to watch them discover the world in a different way!

Kimberly said...

I love his big personality! So cute!!!
I hate those teething times! I feel for you right now!!
Doesn't it make you glad that our babes love our pups so much! I think one can learn a lot from a dog!

Adrielle said...

Do treasure every moment!! It all flies by so fast, and then it's on to other things. I love how much you love being a mommy!! Hope the teething is going better--it can be a struggle!!!

Anonymous said...

That first picture with Tyson reminds me why Brent is a close friend....We want to see yall SOON! will SAt Nov 10th or Sun Nov 11th work for either of you?