Wednesday, October 10, 2007

HUH?! Moms, I Need Your Counsel!!

Do you ever leave the pediatrician feeling more confused than when you went in? "It could be this, or it could be real way of knowing". Infants are a mystery when it comes to illness since they can't pinpoint what they are feeling.

Mug had a 102 fever last night. When he teeths, he gets a pretty high fever for 12 or so hours. Teeth are a mystery to me. Anywho, today he is acting pretty normal, still feverish. Did not want his morning nap, so was really grumpy. Feeling concerned with a still high fever by 2, I call my pedi. He is out but partner is in. I wait in waiting room at the end of the day for 1 hour with loads of other sicklings who are all unhappy. Stress. Wait for my non-dr. another hour. Tristan crying non-stop part exhaustion, part high fever. Well, the Dr. seems not concerned that he has a 103.6 temp, but more on the fact that he has pooped 5-6 times today. No diarrhea. Just lots of poop. He ends up telling me that it is probably the stomach bug and the diarrhea is to come. Is that weird to you all? So, I am to wait on the big D to knock on my door? Really? Does that seem odd? I am just not sure what to think. He acts fine when I give him motrin to break the fever. He is easily fevered. He had a fever at birth for several days. Soooo, my questions for you all:
1. Will you pray that it is NOT A VIRUS! I can't stand the thought of another bug at our house. Pray that it is teeth. Pesky teeth.
2. Do any of ya'lls children run a fever when teething? Or poop more?

Motherhood is hard today. I can't imagine how he feels. My poor poor little mug!


Christian Family said...

Bailey does seem to poop more when he is teething...but we do not do the fever thing(but I know some do run fever when teething).
Hopefully it is teething!!!
Good luck...yes, motherhood is oh so confusing sometimes...are they sick or just tired or teething or just grouchy?

Anonymous said...

Neismith's partner Dr. is a moron. I don't trust anything he says. He is the king of it could be this or if this happens tomorrow it might be that. he is a retard

lauren said...

James poops more when he is teething, without fail, and it's that in between poop and diarrhea. It also smells worse and sometimes gives him diaper rash. He also fevers just a teeny bit. So it could definitely be that. It also sounds like it could just be a little bug. It's definitely going around! James had it last week. Sometimes, they can just get fever viruses, too, where they have pretty high fever but no other symptoms. I wouldn't worry too much, but I know it's hard not to! You probably know this, but a tepid bath is good for fever reducing. I will pray for no big bug, though!

Nicki W. said...

well guys, no D or V yet, but still a high high fever. he took a 3 1/2 hour nap also!! he has never done that!! not a bad thing.

l, did james have a fever only virus? maybe he has both teething and a virus!

lauren said...

Only once, and I just gave him Motrin. Hopefully T will start feeling better. Thank goodness he slept well! That should make him feel a lot better.

Lindsay said...

Both my boys had fevers when they were teething and had more poop than normal. I hate those Dr. visits, where you end up waiting forever for them to tell you it COULD be viral and have a nice day. The best advice I ever got when it came to the Dr. was that I KNOW my baby, I KNOW when something isn't right, to trust my insticts on that front and push the Dr if need be. Luckily, I haven't had to, but I sure will if I need too!

If it would make you feel better, and depending on how he is doing tomorrow, you could try and get him back in to see your regular Dr. Especially if the fever continues to persist.

sam had that fever virus that Lauren mentioned a few weeks ago. It was weird, him running a fever with NO other symptoms.

Those teeth can be really pesky, especially when they start with their eye teeth and the molars, those were the worst with both mine. I don't think T is old enough to be getting those yet, I feel like that was around a year.

I'd keep on with the Motrin and call again tomorrow if he's still running one. Hopefully, he will sleep it off tonight and be all smiles in the morning. I think its almost worse on us moms when our babies are sick.

Lindsey said...

Hey Nikki - just saw your lil' man was sick and wanted to say (although I could be very wrong) that I was under the impression that with teething, fever's are typically low. A 103.6 sounds like a virus - I've been under the impression that with virus's, fevers run higher. I've been told by many-a-doctor that "It could be this...or it could be that.". I agree - that is VERY frustrating to hear, but I guess with lil' ones, it can sometimes be hard to tell. Good luck getting him well again!

Nicki W. said...

hey ya'll! i think he has roseola. a high fever virus with few other symptoms like slight runny rose and mild diarrhea. it can last for 7 days. dr. nesmith said he has seen several cases of it lately. i think he is also teething on top of it which is hard. he seems to be fine. i'll keep ya'll posted! thanks so much for praying!!

Melissa said...

I'm so sorry, Nicki. I've had too many days like yours. Honestly, I would guess teeth. I've never heard of or experienced lots of poop before diarrhea. If he's pooping more often, I wouldn't think he would have more to even create diarrhea. I know that teething symptoms vary by child and tooth. With Carson, he had a fever with every tooth except molars, and the front top were the worst. Caden doesn't seem to run fevers, but he does get diarrhea, and is CRABBY. My ped told me that for some reason, our bodies treat new teeth like a foreign object, so virus/flu symptoms and fevers are all normal. It's like until they get to the right position, the body just fights them. I hope Tristan feels better soon!! I know it's hard, Nicki. Hang in there... and take a break if you can.

Melissa said...

I just read all of the comments...
I too have been told that higher fevers come with viruses. I hope he's better soon!!

Anonymous said...


I am going through the same thing with Maddy right now. Dr. Nesmith wasn't able to tell me what it really was except a virus. At least he ruled out ear infection and strep by going to see him. I have always been told that any fever over 101 is not teething.


Nicki W. said...

i called another dr. today and gave all symptoms, etc. and she said it was roseola and to wait it out a couple more days treating with motrin. i think i have ruled out teeth by now, i know it is a virus, although he IS getting his other top tooth along with all of this mess!!
hope maddy feels better. does she have other symptoms?