Saturday, August 13, 2005

If You Care To Know...

One of my blogger friends "tagged" me to do this and out of blogger's block I am doing it.

1. What I was doing 10 years ago:
August of 1995
Wow! It is weird to think I was a sophomore (or about to be) in high school. I suppose I was hanging out with friends, getting ready for school to start. I think by this time we were getting our schedules and taking glamorous school pictures. I think I was obsessed with Jewel at this point in time, or was that the following quickly we forget. Anywho, I did not have a steady beau, but had many admirers--those were my glory days! HA!

2. 5 years ago:
August of 2000
I was in LA with my family celebrating my Granparents 50th wedding anniversary! It was splendid, indeed! We had a ball. I remember it was Brent's first vacation with me. My parents, Casey, Brent and I stayed in the guest house. My aunt and uncle live in Bing Crosby's old estate so it was very posh. That was a really fun time. We got back the day before the semester started.

3. 1 year ago:
August of 2004
Brent and I were in Nashville one year ago today! We decided last minute to go somewhere we had never been before. I love my husband's spontaneity!!

4. Yesterday:
August 12, 2005
Worked, got off work and went to see Skeleton Key...ho hum.

5. Five Snacks I enjoy:
Watermelon, almonds, apples, ginger snaps and jello

6. Five things I would do if I suddenly had $100 million:
I would send half to Uganda, buy a ton of used cars and pass them out to my clients who do not have transportation, give money to family (but first cousins are the extent), build a dance studio in my newly built home and travel extensively.

7. Five locations I would runaway to:
Africa, Spain, Colorado, Australia and home

8. Five habits I have:
obsessing over working out, treating myself to new clothes when I do something good, or when I do something bad, watching VH1, blogging, eating at Baris

9. Five things I enjoy doing:
spending time with Brent, working out, family get togethers, shopping for bargains and my job

10. Five things I hate doing:
vomiting, packing, paying bills, cleaning toilets and going to events where I do not know anyone

11. Five TV shows I indulge in:
The Apprentice, So You Think You Can Dance?, Everybody Loves Raymond, What Not to Wear and my guiltiest sinful pleasure...The Real World (a fan since NY1, baby!)

12. Five biggest Joys of the moment:
my husband graduating, my husband's new job, getting time off to go to Colorado in 2 weeks, anticipating a relaxing Sunday and spending time with the Fam!

So, there you have it. Hope you are enlightened even further into my crazy life!

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