Sunday, July 03, 2005

Sunday with "Big Mo" and Other Events

Tim, Me and Mamadou--my favorite picture!
Steve, Ken, Dad, Brad, Tim, Brent, Mo and Casey
The "kids" getting ready to hunt eggs
Big Mo on his first Easter egg hunt ever--hilarious!
We are spending the afternoon with "Big Mo", Mamadou Diene. He is from Senegal, Africa. He plays for the Baylor basketball team. He is so funny to be with! These pics are from Easter when we invited Tim Bush (BU basketball)and Mo to our family Easter gathering! In case you are having a hard time distinguishing between the two basketball players and the rest of the family, they are the two handsome, tall, black gentlemen in the pictures!
--Later in the Day--
We took Mo to get his very first sno cone. He was not thoroughly impressed. He kept looking at us saying, "It's just ice." Oh well, we are still impressed by the ice, even if he is not. Can I just say it is so hot, my hands melt to the steering wheel when I get in my car. After the sno cone adventure, Mo went to Best Buy with us. The looks the 3 of us got were hilarious. I am almost 2 feet shorter than Mo. He came over to watch "Cool Runnings", as we were driving him to our house, he informed us that we live in the "hood". He had only been to our house in the dark before, apparently he came in a different way than he did yesterday. After Mo, we took my mom out to eat. Well, she took us because she did pay although we invited her to know how the parent thing goes. After that, we went to our friends Corrie and Ryan's house to chit chat. I know it seems as though we may be late nighters, but do not be fooled folks, this all took place before 11:00 p.m. when we trucked home. Finally, we wound down the night with a couple episodes of the first season of "Scrubs," which I highly recommend. Lights out for us...what a day!!


Anonymous said...

that is so hilarious,nic!!

kelly said...

umm...can I borrow the scrubs DVD?

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