Saturday, June 18, 2005

Mysteries of Men

Male bonding. It is such a mystery to me. Have you ever noticed how easy it is? Men have such a way of making games out of anything. At least that is the way my husband is. I feel sometimes men have it easy when thinking of things to do together. They can play sports, watch sports or talk about sports ALL night. They make up games. They play video games (yes, even still). They fish. They camp. They can debate without hurt feelings. They hunt. Brent and his 3 friends, Michael, Benjie and Garrison go fly fishing in Colorado every summer for a week. It is a major tradition. They live for this trip. Brent would give up almost anything, including our house and any possession to go on this trip. It is sacred to him. They begin sending emails to one another about a month in advance, gearing up for the trip. Weather reports, reports on the water level, etc. They are so excited. One time me and another wife went with them. Never got invited back. I am happy though, because I think it is good for them to lose themselves in the challenge and fun. I would never, ever want to take that away from those guys. It is so cute. Anyway, all this to say. I think girls need to step it up. I am not saying I don't like being a girl, there are many a good and crazy memory with my girls. However, I admire the pick up and go ability that guys have. You have to admitt, it is easier for them to have things in common. Girls shop and eat together. I know it's not the only thing we do...but collectively, those are things all of us typically enjoy. It was brought to my attention that we scrapbook together (double gulp for me) which I suppose will suffice, but I will not be partaking in that skill any time soon. I suppose I will get a lot of opposition from this, but truth is, I think the male bonding mystery is a cool thing. I admire them. Don't worry though, those boys will never understand nor respect the day we gals bring home a coveted cute shoe that was on sale.


Anonymous said...

Great thought. I agree.

Anonymous said...

yeah they definitely don't get the shoe sale thing. but i know what you mean about girl bonding. since i'm from a country background where i like to go camping, etc. its hard to find people (guys and girls) who like the same. so i end up never camping. hmmm maybe we should go camping sometime nic. :)

jennifer p

Nicki W. said...

Let's do it! No boys allowed though!


Anonymous said...

nicki,Iused to go camping with
Papa until
i got tired of a sleeping bag.
We graduated to a cabin and that made it fun.We also did a lot of
fishing back then I am sure Steve
remembers those days.You might try
going camping with Brent
Love Nana

lauren said...

I agree! We need to get more creative as women. Do you have to be a boy, though, to enjoy fishing? What about a girls only fishing/spa put a little femininity in there.

Nicki W. said...

I like what I'm hearing! I agree the spa treatment would help with the "fish fingers" you get afterward!

Joe_chemo2005 said...

If you can't tell by my name (Joe with an "E") I'm a guy. One thing that makes it easy for guys to bond, is the lack of prep time. I can roll out of bed; put on the same clothes that I had on yesterday; go to any electronic section/tool section/automotive section and talk with any guy there. And, if we happen to be wearing the same thing, that's an excuse to have a beer together.

Anonymous said...

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